When your job is your social life…

I don’t have much of a social life these days.  The little bit of free time that I have goes to my family, as it should.  Before I had a job, I loved spending time with friends – whether the scenario was a playdate, girls night, coffee meetup, lunch, pedicures, movie dates – whatever the occasion called for.  Now that I’m working so much, I really miss having girlfriend time.  Fortunately, I love my “job” enough that it’s worth it to me until things balance out a bit and the extra hours that a brand new business requires will diminish.  My most recent newborn session was special to me because it was a friend!  So, the work time also became girlfriend time and it sure was nice to catch up with a friend.  Between friends who become clients and clients who become friends, who needs a social life right now anyway??

Here are a few of the sneak peek images from little miss Charlotte’s gallery.  She was such a perfect angel for me – can’t wait to watch her grow!

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