Instant Friendship, Just Add Sunshine! Clarksville, TN Photographer

One of my favorite perks about this “job” is all of the wonderful friends I have made along the way.  I keep in touch with many of the clients I have been blessed to photograph and it’s exciting to be able to watch their children grow over time.  I have been photographing Alyssa for over a year now – first as a flower girl in a wedding I volunteered to shadow on when I was brand new, next while shadowing her 4th birthday photoshoot, third was a boutique studio session when my business took off in the fall and most recently for her 5th birthday photoshoot.  How cool is that??   Each time, I thought to myself {and possibly outloud} that she reminded me so much of my daughter and how well they would get along.  Throughout the past year, the two girls never met until this most recent session.  Alyssa’s mother suggested I brought Kylie along {which can be a trainwreck typically} and I took a leap of faith.  The girls got along like the best of friends from the first moment – the photoshoot was a huge hit with beautiful backlit sunflared gorgeousness throughout.  It was heartwarming to watch the perks of my “job” spill over to my daughter too.  I sure hope we keep these two in touch as long as we both live here!

Join me in Project 12 over at Newborn Goodness – photographing themed images each month.  June’s theme was “Summer Fun” and this is the epitome of summertime for us!  I really love Laura Brett’s Project 12 Summer Fun submission as well as this entry by Greensboro Photographer Heather McGinnis too.  Don’t miss out on the “SUNKISSED” theme for July and join us!

Newborn Goodness Forum


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