Triple Blessed! Newborn Triplet Photographer | Clarksville, TN

When I put out a casting call for newborn triplets, I never imagined how much these little angels would change my life.  I wanted to photograph triplets for selfish reasons – I wanted them in my portfolio!  The session was complimentary for that reason, but once I met the parents and learned their story, I felt called to attempt to make a difference.  Being a lower enlisted family of 5 prior to the natural conception of triplets, you can image the shock these parents must have experienced.  As if that weren’t a large enough adjustment, they learned they were also facing a military relocation within a few weeks.  I knew that enough wonderful people subscribed to my page that we could possibly help this family.

After sharing a sneak peek image of the babies and a synopsis of the family situation, the donations have poured in from all over the world.  Countless fans have given a few dollars here and there that have added up to make a huge difference.  A stranger to the family donated $100 and a newborn photographer of triplets located in Canada donated $100.  Another stranger to the family is shipping a very expensive triplet stroller from Florida.  A struggling military family with 7 children dropped off diapers and $30.  Moms all over town have messaged me with clothes that their babies have outgrown and they will be dropping off for the family.

I am truly in awe of the generous people I am surrounded by.  The family will be relocating next week and I can’t wait to shower them with love from all of you.  Your gifts and donations will be priceless to this family.  You, my friends, have changed this family’s life.

If you would like to contribute, please DONATE HERE.  If you would prefer to mail something, please email me for my address:


3 thoughts on “Triple Blessed! Newborn Triplet Photographer | Clarksville, TN

  1. Thank you I know all this means so much to my sister and brother in law. you did an amazing job with the pictures. Thank you agan

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