Triple Generosity! Clarksville, TN Triplet Newborn Photographer

“Let’s all commit to performing two random acts of kindness this week”, my pastor suggested.  Who would have thought the this would have ensued?

I challenged my clients and fans to committing to a random act of kindness as well, and was pleasantly surprised by the responses and eagerness from all of you.  Mine started as a complimentary newborn triplet session for the family with the disk of images for them to keep.  I hadn’t decided what my second random act of kindness was going to be yet until the photo session took place and I got to know the family more.  They are a young, lower enlisted military family with a 2, 3 & 4 year old, about to be relocated, with naturally conceived newborn triplets.  Because multiples are more common these days with IVF, it’s not as common for the community to help families anymore.  I knew that my second random act of kindness was going to be helping this family – even if it were a small donation.  I knew I had the MOST AMAZING CLIENTS AND FANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!  I knew we could make a difference.

All of you started pouring in DONATIONS – mostly between $5 and $20.  It was a profound realization to me that every day people living paycheck to paycheck could make a BIG change with just $5 – IF we all came together.  I started receiving checks in the mail for the family and a few $100 donations as well.  Families have donated baby clothes, diapers, and wipes.  As of right now we have raised over $500 for this family!

I was blessed to have the help of Jamie Lynn Photography for the triplet newborn portraits – she committed to donating $1 for every new fan of her Facebook Page until August 5th, and challenged other businesses to do the same.  So far, these wonderful businesses have taken her up on the challenge, and have ALL committed to donating $1 to the triplets and their family for every new fan between now and August 5th!!!

Tiffany Klusacek, Realtor

A. Landscape and Concrete

Beyond Design & Graphics

Artisan Laser Skin Care Center

I know what you’re thinking:  How can I help??  🙂
FIRST – be sure to click the above links and “like” their pages to become a fan, earning the triplets more donations.

SECOND – SHARE the news!!!  Please share this with friends and family and help us gather support.

THIRD – DONATE!  If you have a triple stroller, we’re in dire need for one.  Baby gear of any kind would be a huge blessing.  If you have an extra $5 – $20 that you feel moved to give, thank you!  We only have until August 5th to give the family all of our blessings and send them on their way for their relocation.

FOURTH – Last, but surely not least:  commit to a random act of kindness today.

Thank you all for your love and support, always.

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