Best Newborn Photographer Nominee | Clarksville, TN | Fort Campbell, KY

Like most other mornings, I started my day Wednesday responding to emails, Facebook messages and comments on my fanpage.  Upon reading a wall post of congratulations from a fellow local photographer, I did a double take.

“I am so excited your image of the triplets was chosen for top 10 of best newborn photographers, you know you have my vote! :)”

Do what????  I scurried over to the Best Newborn Photographer contest page expecting to see the “Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice” image of the triplets I was coaxed into submitting by a few beloved photografriends.  I immediately realized I was wrong – a different image of mine was chosen in the top 10.  It was still of the triplets, however, one that didn’t receive much publicity and definitely one that I did not submit.

I am still uncertain as to whom I owe this gratitude, but thank you regardless.  You can imagine the surprise and excitement that came over me once it all sunk in.  I’m working the job of my dreams, I’ve grown leaps and bounds in a little over a year in business, and I’m surrounded by people that love, encourage and support me enough to nominate me anonymously.  As if that isn’t enough of a blessing, then add the fact that the chosen image was of the triplets – the tiny little miracles that have changed my life.  Ironically, although my mission was to help make a difference and give to the babies, they have been the ones who have given so much to me.

If you have a moment and love this portrait as much as I do, please head over to the contest and click on the picture of the triplets.  Be sure to click “like” so that your vote will count, and spread the word by sharing on your Facebook page.  I would be beyond ecstatic to win, however, I am in a state of pure bliss to even be included in the top 10.   Thank you all!



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