Winning the real challenge


I’m not sure why I am so blown away by the love and support of EVERYONE for the picture of the triplets in the BEST NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER contest.  Considering the history of family, friends, and strangers across the world reaching out to bless these babies, I should have predicted the same enthusiasm from all of you again.

Those of you that have voted may know that there is one {super adorable} competing image in particular that has been neck and neck with the triplets.  The photographer is wonderfully talented and also owns a very successful and popular newborn prop business {that I adore} – I envy her notoriety and network in the market for sure!  I sent her a message complimenting her on the beautiful image and wishing her the best of luck.  She responded with compliments for my image as well and wished me luck.  The next sentence filled my heart with joy,

“your support from your family and friends is beautiful”.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to be blessed with all of you.  Although the contest goes until August 31st, I know in my heart that whether or not we have the most “likes” is not what really matters.  With all of the random acts of kindness, sharing and votes from strangers, encouraging comments & messages, prayers, endless love & support we have already won the real challenge.

Thank you.



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