A vow to REMEMBER.

On 9-11, we take the time to REMEMBER. We honor the many heroes of that day, the lives lost, and the families forever changed. We also pray and honor the ones that do not remember. The military children who will never remember and may never understand why Daddy, Mommy or BOTH continue to fight and protect our freedom. Sometimes, the smallest of us carry the largest burdens. May we always REMEMBER and vow to help them understand one day. God bless our military “babies”♥

As a military family with a similar story, this blog post by Janine Bondrin really hit home for me too – it’s about our military children living 9-11 at home.  I hope we can all vow to REMEMBER, always.

The military inspired headbands were donated by Twinsanity Designs for pictures of our military children – THANK YOU!

You can find the adorable baby military caps at Kasey’s Creations, also donated for pictures of our military children.  THANK YOU!



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