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As with anything in life, a support group of friends, family and strangers that care is essential for growth and success.  I have truly been blessed on my photography journey with such a wonderful and massive support group of Facebook fans.  Thank you for joining me on this path, sharing my work, and leaving me comments along the way.  I would not be fulfilling my dream if it weren’t for all of you!

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Mrs. Danielle and Kylie.

Kylie’s first teacher (for pre-K) was truly a blessing.  Mrs. Danielle consistently worked to help Kylie with the struggles she was up against.  She went above and beyond to make her feel special, and smart.  Kylie would come home and play school – dressed up as Mrs. Danielle with barbies, babies, and stuffed animals as students.  Kylie LOVED Mrs. Danielle.  When it came time to make her teacher a birthday present, we put together a homemade “book”.  Considering that Kylie’s main delay was motor skills (which involved writing/drawing) we knew that Mrs. Danielle would treasure the gift as much as we treasured her gift to Kylie – patience, persistence and love.  The pages were simple questions written by me about school or their class or favorites of Kylie’s.  I would write out Kylie’s answer, and then she would draw it.  One page read, “What does Mrs. Danielle look like?” and Kylie’s answer was “she’s so pretty and she’s gonna have a baby in her belly.”

I will admit that I was initially embarrassed because Mrs. Danielle was clearly NOT pregnant.  I even considered tearing that page out.  I remembered that she knew Kylie’s heart and would know how Kylie intended it.  Newborn babies are frequently little guests in our home, and Kylie absolutely LOVES babies.  Mrs. Danielle knew that I was a newborn baby photographer, so I was sure to bring that up again when we gave her the book for her birthday late last spring.  I wanted to be sure she remembered and wasn’t offended by Kylie’s drawing.

Shortly after, the school year ended and the summer flew by.  Kylie still talked about Mrs. Danielle often, and still played “school”.  Fall came around, and off to Kindergarten she went and this time to a different school.  She was one SAD little girl to not be in Mrs. Danielle’s class anymore, and not even at the same school!  I kept saying we would go visit “one day”, but the time never came around and one day turned into some day…

You can imagine my surprise recently when I received an email from Mrs. Danielle!  I thought to myself, I really need to take Kylie to see her soon!  I opened the message and after reading the greetings and how is Kylie, etc, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Mrs. Danielle was contacting me to book a newborn session – she was expecting a boy and due in January!!!   I literally read the message multiple times – I couldn’t believe it.  Mrs. Danielle was just as surprised, and even had a mobile picture of the page from the book Kylie made her saved in her phone.  Apparently she had no idea she was pregnant before, no one did!  Well, except Kylie.

I was tickled pink (well, blue) for Mrs. Danielle and couldn’t wait to bring Kylie to SEE for herself what she hoped for Mrs. Danielle was true.  I told her I was taking her to see Mrs. Danielle and that there was a surprise.  We waited by the playground for the pre-K class to come out, and as soon as Mrs. Danielle came out the door Kylie saw her.  “She has a baby in her bellllllyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”  she screamed, and ran to her.

I’m so blessed to be able to witness little miracles like this every day<3

Famous Babies in Clarksville, TN and Fort Campbell, KY

It sure has been a crazy busy month so far, whew.  That’s not a complaint from me though, because crazy busy equals beautiful babies!  Here are a few that have been featured on different websites in the newborn photography and baby photography industry recently:

Ryker made it to the Best Newborn Photographers Facebook Fanpage on October 4th – click here to view his portrait on their page!

On September 9th,  Raelynn’s newborn portrait was featured on the Baby Pictures Facebook FanpageClick Here to access her image on their wall!

Charlee’s 4 month baby portrait was featured on the Best Baby Photographers Facebook Fanpage on October 2nd – click here to see her image on their wall!

Newborn Jacob pulled a double header!  His image was featured HERE on the Newborn Goodness Blog on September 25th.  His precious little pucker was also chosen as a feature in the Be Inspired:  Black and White theme from Confessions of a Prop Junkie on October 4th!

Most recently, newborn baby Arabella was featured on the Best Newborn Photographers Facebook Fanpage.   You can Click Here to see her image on their wall!  She made an appearance over at Baby Pictures too on October 19th.

Thank you all for continuing to bring your beautiful babies to see me!  Each and every baby I meet has changed my life in some way.  They inspire me daily and because of these precious babies, I am able to chase my dreams.  Thank you!