Just a little shoe love…


I love shoes♥ One of My favorite indulgences is a new pair of sometimes frivolous shoes. Who’s with me?? While I’m not knocking that guilty pleasure of mine (or anyone else’s), there’s an elementary school in my area that has an extremely high percentage of children in need. The statistics were somewhere in the range of over 80% are in the “free lunch” program because of the challenging incomes of their families. My church Woodlawn Community Church is doing a shoe drive to help make a difference. Would you be willing to join me in sharing our love of shoes for these children that need a pair that fit?

Shoes & Belts for Byrns L. Darden Elementary School
Bring new or gently used shoes and belts to meet the needs of
Students K-5th grade. Also need sweatpants for K-2nd grade

(Belts are appreciated too because most of the children are wearing hand me downs, donated clothing, or parent’s clothing so they’re too big!)

You can bring your donations directly to my church

or drop them off at my house and I will bring them.
My address is:
1365 Mutual Drive
Clarksville, TN 37042
Please just drop them off by my front door any time, thank you!





CHEEEEEEEEEESE!  It’s what we all say during picture time, right?  We tell our children repeatedly, “everyone say cheese”!  We all do it – we’re all guilty.  I would like to take on the roll of the cheese police for a moment though in the honor of all photographers in America.  Stop the insanity!!!  Chances are your child has the most adorable smile, but it’s rarely captured without the help of a professional.  Why?  Because we don’t ask them to say CHEESE!  Here you’ve wondered all along why the only expressions you’ve managed to capture are silly faces and cheesey grins.  There is a reason those grins are called cheesey you know?  So, my advice to you:

*  Talk to your child – ask questions and be silly.  Make them laugh!

*  Capture the moments in between the cheese.  The simple, true expressions of innocence that only children can portray.  Whether they’re serious, pensive, looking away, silly, or anything in between.  You will want to remember these just as much as the adorable smile.

*  If all else fails, pick a different word.  Try monkey!  Or better yet, say “On the count of 3 say Mommy’s a monkey!” – it’s sure to get a few laughs and genuine smiles.

Thanks for reading and allowing my cheese police rant.  Join in with me and help educate America – cut the cheese!  heh 🙂