The Faces of the Autism Spectrum: Meet Cade.

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Introducing Cade!


This is my Cade.
He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when he was 4…he is now 8. Our road began when we noticed some “out of the ordinary” behaviors that we had not seen with his older brother.  Cade enjoyed playing alone, often had issues with things out of the ordinary, and reciprocal interaction was few and far between.  We went in to get advice with his pediatrician, and to see if there was more than just “quirky” behavior.  After a battery of assessments, Cade was diagnosed on the Spectrum with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). Cade’s biggest challenge is finding his role in social interactions.  Social overtures do not come easy, but everyday he amazes us.  Each day may bring challenges, but we love growing and learning with him constantly!  He is enrolled in ABA Therapy, in which he truly shows his leadership abilities in his group.  

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Cade is a FABULOUS artist and LOVES creating.  He belongs to the schools Lego Robotics Club, and can create some pretty cool things.  He is a WONDERFUL artist.  His creativity has been showcased  in art shows and contests.  He has won numerous accolades for his abilities.  As we struggle with his disability daily, his father, brother and I, also learn what it may be like to see the world through his eyes.  He has come such a long way.  Cade is energetic, passionate, and has great leadership potential.  Thank you so much for the opportunity and allowing people to educate what “being on the spectrum” really consist of.   Cade is willing to persist in the face of obstacles, tenacious, goal-oriented and is my ROCK STAR!  He is proof that these kids CAN achieve great things, and be mainstreamed and included just like any other child.

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