“They grow up so quickly”

We’ve all heard it at least once, right?  It’s definitely true!  Our children evolve daily. Those little changes here and there sneak up on us and suddenly out of nowhere we find ourselves questioning when this happened and where time went.  This is never more true than those first few weeks of life.  Often times after finishing a newborn gallery of images for a client, they comment on how much the baby has changed in those weeks.  It’s inevitable.

I wish I would have known the drastic changes a baby goes through that first year back when I had my daughter.  I wish newborn portraiture was as popular back then as it is now.  My very first professional portrait of Kylie was when she was 4 months old.  Although I am very glad that we had her photographed regardless, I’m just a little heartbroken that we never captured those first days, weeks, months…

If you have an opportunity to take advantage of newborn portraiture, please do it!  I understand that it may not be an option for everyone, and that’s ok.  But, if you have a choice or you’re on the fence – schedule a session!  Not necessarily with me, just schedule one in general!  It may not seem important while you’re reading this.  I promise that 5 years from now when your “newborn” is a beautiful spitfire of personality attending kindergarten, you will thank me.

I promise.