By All Means…

Found this and it resonated with me… had to share!


40 Day Fitness Challenge Crash & Burn

I have been dreading and procrastinating this post for far too long now.  My participation in MY 40 Day Fitness Challenge to all of you was an EPIC. FAILURE.  I hope that your commitment to the challenge proved to be more successful than mine, and I sincerely apologize for fading so quickly.  I started off strong and determined as I presume most challengers do.  My mistake was letting LIFE distract me.  I let the priority of fitness slide further down the list as my high speed start dwindled to a complete stop.

One of my favorite quotes is “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers.  There I was, just sitting in the middle of the tracks.  I may not have been able to run the entire race as I intended, but it’s never too late to get up, brush yourself off, and start moving again.  “Slow and steady wins the race” says Aesop.  I guess I missed the memo on that one!

I stumbled and fell.  I sat there for a while {and laid on a beach in Florida, drank too many cocktails, and ate the most sinful food I could think of}.  My reality check has been delivered though and now the only thing I’m eating is humble pie.  So, here’s to finishing the race and making the most of the end of my epic 40 Day Fitness Challenge Failure.  Toast with me – hold your water bottles high!

I would love to hear how your challenge went, please share with us!

All of this race talk reminds me that I should probably reveal that I am a registered participant in a 5k on May 7th.  I may or may not have agreed to this solely because margaritas are served afterward.  Don’t worry though, I know the rules this time – I got the memo.  I will be the most determined turtle… FINISHING THE RACE.

Genuine Happiness

I love this guide to Genuine Happiness {via}.  Yoga is the planned exercise for my 40 Day Fitness Challenge today, and I thought this would be a fitting list of things to ponder during the workout.  I’m loving my friend Cristin‘s idea of listing her workouts each week too – less time consuming for the busy bees in each of us.  What is on your fitness agenda today?