Sweet & Salty Deliciousness.

I love PINTEREST.  Are you a pinaholic too?  If so, make sure you find & follow me on there!  I saw a few pretzel and hershey combos on Pinterest recently and I couldn’t resist giving them a shot.  They were easy, quick, and sounded delicious… what more could I ask for?  I love the Pretzel Hugs idea as well as the Hershey Kiss Twists I pinned, so I decided to combine the two.  I used the square pretzels, Hershey’s Hugs, and red and green M&M’s for a festive little topper.  Baked the hugs on top of the square pretzels at 275 for 3 minutes.  After letting them sit for a minute to soften a bit, I pressed the red and green M&M’s into each hug.  They turned out adorable if I don’t say so myself – festive and scrumptious too.  I will forewarn you that they are a bit addicting…


Super Cute Easter Cupcakes

I stumbled upon this idea for some fun Easter cupcakes and couldn’t resist to make an honest attempt. I’m no kitchen connoisseur {as most of you are well aware}, so the task may have seemed a bit more daunting to me than any other person. All things considered, I think my little creations turned out pretty darn cute!

I intended on having Kylie as a partner but she was too busy singing, “Little Kylie rotten tail, stinking up the bunny trail” instead. Even flying solo, I had a lot of fun with these. I nearly passed out from diabetic shock in the process {just kidding, kinda}. There was a whole lot of temptation going on and maybe I had a few weak moments… or 10.  Next time I may attempt this recipe instead to save myself the sugar overdose and earn protein points instead {the bariatric patient’s mantra}.  It looks as if I need more baking expertise to attempt that one though.

Is there anyone interested in baking the sugar free version and bringing me 1? {or 10}

Does the barista really make a difference?

In an effort to spend less money on  coffee each month, I have been asked by my dear husband to please make them at home more often.  I begrudgingly obliged, and have since committed to being a barista each morning {ok,  most mornings}.  My drink of choice is a sugar-free flavored latte with skim milk.  I have an espresso machine at home along with all of the premium ingredients to make a latte to die for.  I even have a few flavorings to choose from:  vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate.  The homemade lattes are half the calories of the cafe kind, yet I still fight the urge to buy a coffee instead of making one.  As I was sipping on my masterpiece one morning, my husband asked me “How is it?  Better than Starbucks?”.  I didn’t even have to think before I replied emphatically, “No!”.   He asked what the difference was in my opinion, to which I took the time to answer.  I knew the difference, but saying it aloud was a big step.  I took a deep breath and spilled the {coffee} beans.  “The difference is that someone else makes it for me!”.   He laughed at my reasoning {BIG mistake}.  I’m curious to see if he will still be laughing when he is playing barista, making my latte in the morning.  🙂

My recipe:                                                                                                                                                 2 shots of your favorite Espresso Coffee
2 ounces of any Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
3/4 cup of Horizon organic fat-free milk

Voila!  Enjoy – and may you always have a barista!

My Wish Pebbles for 2011

Most people have a list of New Years Resolutions each year that fade by February… March at the latest.  I am definitely not exempt from that list!  This year, I decided to do something a little different – more realistic and less demanding.  I wanted to write down some wishes as if they were written on stones and thrown in a bag for me to carry with me for 2011.  Each month my goal is to do something new.  I’d like to read a new book, meet with a new friend, or attempt a new recipe.  I want to try out a new kind of exercise, visit a new place or memorize a new verse.  I can’t wait to show my husband how much I love him in a new way, or plan a new activity with Kylie – or all of the above if I’m feeling overly motivated.  I’m excited about this “New” journey of 2011 and looking forward to the stones I draw along the way.

Disclaimer:  This is not an image of mine – they’re beautiful pebbles that you can find here:  http://www.pebbletree.co.uk.